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Welcome to the Montgomery Counseling Service, PLLC information page. Montgomery Counseling Service, PLLC provides a comprehensive individualized continuum of care for client's and their families dealing with addiction on an outpatient basis.  

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Soberlink Alcohol Monitoring 

SOBERLINK SL2™: Next Generation of Remote Alcohol Monitoring     

Montgomery Counseling Service, PLLC. provides the SOBERLINK SL2™ blood alcohol content (BAC) monitoring unit for its alcohol monitoring services. This device is an industry-proven solution for alcohol monitoring. The unit provides the BAC result, a real-time image and the GPS location.

How It Works

SL2 is a patented, handheld wireless testing device designed for remote alcohol monitoring. The device obtains the participant’s BAC and location and takes a picture during the breath test to verify identity. The BAC result, real-time image, and GPS location are instantly sent to the cloud-based monitoring portal where the results can be accessed remotely or will trigger automated alerts to be sent directly to any designated contact.SL2 Device Features:

 Monitoring Portal Features:

•   Adaptive Facial Recognition TM
•   Automated tamper detection
•   Automated text reminders and real-time alerts
•   Customizable testing schedules
•   Automated reports — daily, weekly, monthly


•   Aftercare Treatment / Outpatient Programs

•   Licensed Professional Programs
•   Court Mandated Alcohol Monitoring
•   Family Law / Child Custody Monitoring